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Hydro-Marine HHO Fuel Economy and Data Management Systems 

Our Hydro-Marine fuel efficiency systems are centred on the installation of a HHO – hydrogen on demand supplementary fuel economy system and the associated installation of fuel management software systems/ ‘live’ data management to optimise fuel efficiency savings.  This twin approach is aimed at ensuring the vessel is ‘tuned’ to achieve its maximum fuel efficiency and we are in a position to clearly identify, measure and track fuel efficiency performance.   As well as achieving significant fuel savings and reduced emissions the vessel has been upgraded – a long term return on investment. 

HHO Marine Fuel Economy Solutions: We specialize in fuel economy and management solutions. Based on our fuel efficiency  "Go Green Vessel" Program we sell and install a range of Hydrogen on Demand (HOD) Hydro-Marine Supplementary Fuel Economy Systems for the global marine market.  

Data Management Systems Technology: Our Fuel Manager Analytics™ and  DataTrak™data management systems are both custom built and engineered to fit each vessel or a particular fleet of vessels with common characteristics. 

This combination of latest on-board fuel consumption metering devices, power/torque analysis instrumentation, exhaust emissions testing, and a data compilation program with BlueTooth transmission capabilities, together with our  fuel efficiency  "Go Green Vessel" Program is the first of its kind and unmatched in the industry.


Hydro-Marine fuel economy solutions represents both world-class quality manufacturers of specialized equipment, materials, and supplies used to improve fuel and production efficiency, together with fully qualified and experienced specialised professional installation and technical support.  

Our mission is to provide you immediate cost savings, a quick measurable return on investment and a greener vessel. We look forward to working with you and providing cost effective solutions for your company's unique needs. 

Hydro-Marine brings you Big Fuel Economy savings:  a combination of the HHO Fuel Economy system and Data Management solutions can typically save you 15% or more of your fuel bills.


The BENEFITS of installing the Hydro-Marine HHO Fuel Economy Systems are considerable::

  • Increased fuel efficiency, fuel savings and a quick ROI  
  • Upgraded management systems 
  • Higher quality of engine lube oil by reducing soot extending engine life  
  • Increased engine performance, smoother running engines  
  • Enhanced fuel burn of poorer quality fuels  
  • Reduced exhaust emissions, reduced diesel and exhaust smells on-board  
  • Environmentally responsible  
  •  "Go Green" to increase marketing and visibility  

HHO Marine Installation: Installing Hydro-Marine HHO systems in the marine environment requires a much higher level of expertise than may be required for vehicle and other installations. Most every installation on a vessel will have a level of customisation that will require some engineering and being able to identify ships electrical and mechanical systems. To this end, we have contracted for the installation and monitoring of the systems the most experienced and qualified engineers in Hydrogen supplementary systems and Marine installations. 

Installation of Hydro-Marine product solutions are quoted on a be-spoke basis.


Hydro-Marine Customer Commitment

In the current economic environment, with pressure on fuel prices and increased environmental regulation, we believe it’s the ideal time to bring the advantages of hho fuel enhancement technology to the market. With our suppliers and partners we are committed to building strong, sustainable business relationships of economic and environmental value over the long term. We are focused on supplying the best green hho marine fuel economy solutions in the market, superior quality hydrogen cell design and integrated data measurement solutions to allow you to optimise your fuel economy savings supported by the best warranty in the market.


HHO Marine - You are at the beginning of a revolution. Increase your mpg, save fuel and money whilst reducing emissions and helping the environment.

Take grasp of the opportunity now!


For more details and the opportunity for us to quote contact eric@morempgnow.co.uk


 HHO Marine

Hydrogen Supplementary Fuel Economy Systems